Apple advises immediate update iOS after discover iPhone spyware

Apple released an update to iOS 9 on Thursday iOS 9.3.5—that patches multiple critical zero day vulnerabilities that have been shown to already have been deployed allegedly by governments to target activists – dissidents accord to a report from Citizen Lab and Lookout Security. Apple turned around an update after 10 days from company received Citizen Lab’s initial report. update is recommended immediately for all iOS 9 devices.

When used together exploits allow someone to hijack an iOS device and control – monitor it remotely. Hijackers would have access to device’s camera – microphone – could capture audio calls even in otherwise end to end secured apps like WhatsApp. They could also grab stored images, tracking movements – retrieve files.

Some of exploits may have been discovered months ago or longer so there’s no way to know how widely they’re in use – but details suggest these active exploits in previous versions of iOS 9 weren’t in wide use – were deployed against individual targets.

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