Comcast launches Xfinity Flex internet streaming TV

Comcast’s latest bundle isn’t a cable TV service, exactly, since it’s aimed at its subscribers who only have internet service. Xfinity Flex will tie together paid internet video services as well as free ad-supported options in what VP Matt Strauss called a “unified experience, similar to what we’ve done on X1.” Xfinity Flex costs $5 per month (in addition to the internet service customers already have) for access and comes with a 4K and HDR-ready wireless set-top box with an X1 voice remote.

Xfinity Flex

From what it sounds like, it’s basically the internet streaming apps platform part of its X1 set-top boxes for cable — without the cable TV. That way users can access apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube or HBO via the internet and, of course, upgrade to X1 cable service if they want more. Some of the free options outside of YouTube include options like ESPN3 and Cheddar. There’s also a grid guide for the various live TV services, just in case you were hoping to keep that cable TV feel.


Source: Comcast

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