Display video information

if you have a video file and you need to know its video bit rate and audio bit rate or its codec and you can find a lot.

here is  MediaInfo  you can use it for technical and tag data for video and audio files

The MediaInfo data display includes:

  • Container: format – profile – commercial name of the format – duration – overall bit rate -writing application and library -title -author -director -album- track number- date-duration.
  • Video: format- codec id- aspect- frame rate- bit rate- color space- chroma subsampling-bit depth- scan type- scan order.
  • Audio: format, codec id, sample rate- channels- bit depth- language- bit rate.
  • Text: format-codec id- language of subtitle.
  • Chapters: count of chapters- list of chapters.

Display video information

Display video information


after you download it setup it and then right click to the media file

then click mediainfo to display video information

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