How to turn on Twitter quality filters and stop the trolls

Twitter has finally come up with a solution to muzzle trolls.

company published a blog post on Thursday announcing two new controls for filtering your notifications. Twitter notifications are the primary method through which trolls can contact and harass users.

first new setting reduces  noise in your notifications stream. anyone who mentions your Twitter username with the [email protected] symbol shows up in your Twitter notifications.

It doesn’t matter if they’re asking simple question offer constructive criticism, or threat to cut your head off. Everyone shows up.

new setting filters your notification down to solely people you follow. The new filter works on Twitter’s apps and the website. It’s not clear if third-party Twitter apps can also apply it.

unfortunate side effect of this however is that people who are being targeted for online harassment are effective putting themselves in bubble.

It’s all about quality

 How to turn on Twitter quality filters and stop the trolls
Twitter’s two new notifications filters.

second new setting is called a quality filter. This setting was turned on by default for my account, removes what Twitter calls lower-quality content This low-brow stuff can be things like duplicate tweets or bot generating content. quality filter affects your notifications and that means your primary timeline. low-quality filter never restricts people you follow or those whom you’ve recently interacted with

How to turn on the new settings

Getting to new settings is easy on Twitter’s website. First login to the service and then click on the Notifications tab. To right of your mentions click the new Settings link.

Alternatively you can navigate direct to


If you apply the filter to only allow mentions from people you follow it’s also advisable to make sure your account restricts who can send you direct messages. You can double check this setting on by going to Settings > Security and privacy.


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