iPhone 7 might not have stereo speakers

The most controversial change on new iPhone 7 will removal of headphone jack.Accept dongle hell – go Bluetooth or buy new Lightning-based headphones.

some possible reasons Apple will use to defend its choice:

  • iPhone 7 will support high-res audio
  • Apple wants to make thinner iPhones
  • Complete water-sealing.
  • To sell you new Lightning earbuds – headphones.
  • To squeeze in a bigger battery – port had to die.
  • Bluetooth is future – no matter what you think – Get over it.

new report from Nowhereelse.fr, with alleged design schematics of the new iPhones, suggests that may not be the case

iPhone 7 might not have stereo speakers

iPhones prior to iPhone 6 all had dual speaker grilles flanking the connector port – but none were stereo speakers.

One of the benefits of the iPad Pro is its enhanced audio.

Both the 12.9- and 9.7-inch iPad Pro have four speaker grilles that output stereo sound.

Stereo speakers would be good – but not great reason to ditch headphone jack.

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