Left-handed people should avoid the iPhone

One modern issue you may not be aware of though, is being left-handed can seriously impact on the quality of calls you make and receive on smartphone. Or more on an Apple iPhone.

 through this report (pdf), commissioned by Nordic Council of Ministers based on  mobile systems in Nordic mobile networks and on both speech and data services), if you hold your iPhone in your left hand or use it on the left side of your head, you will experience a weak signal strength, which could lead to poorer call quality and dropped calls.

Tests were performed on a variety of makes and models of smartphone, and the results were interesting.

  • Microsoft Lumia 640 showed little difference in call transmission strength
  • the iPhone 6s suffered significantly
  • the iPhone 6s Plus was even worse as you can see in this chart below.

Left-handed people should avoid the iPhone

As for reason report suggests for some phones the antenna design does not take body loss in different usage positions into account. A well designed antenna solution has a low body loss in both right and left hand usages.

For many phones, the voice communication performance depends strongly on which side of the head the phone is used”, the report concludes.


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