Life 2009

life is a Documentary TV Series produced by BBC Network that`s explains in 10 episodes the wildlife in earth : life challenges, hunting,deep sea. 


 Life 2009

First episode date: 12 Oct. 2009
Final episode date: 14 December, 2009
Networks: BBC
Writers: Paul Spillenger
IMDb Rate: 9.2/10
Rank: Top Rated TV #13
Awards: Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Cinematography For Nonfiction Programming, TCA Award for Outstanding Achievement in News and Information,Gold Derby TV Award Special Class Program


Num Date Eposide stroy
01 12 Oct. 2009 Challenges of Life shows how animals have evolved hunting, techniques that assist them survive of life challenges
02 19 Oct. 2009 Reptiles & Amphibians Reptilians :include lizards just like Komodo dragon in Indonesia, chameleons and snakes,amphibians including numerous specialized
03 26 Oct. 2009 Mammals Mammals own the world. they are doing it having heat blood ,Weddell seal digging ice for catching fish for pup ,scene of millions bats in Zambia
04 2 Nov. 2009 Fish Countless fish fill the seas on the blue planet,using their defense camouflage, shelter ,flying for near 200m they survive challenges
05 9 Nov. 2009 Birds Those permit most of them to fly, few different vertebrates will
06 16 Nov. 2009 Insects Insects outnumber higher animals . Their variety reflect adaptation conditions , nearly 60,000 fly species cover the globe. Many can fly, which getting everywhere
07 23 Nov. 2009 Hunters and Hunted struggle of life commonly supported ‘eat (and/)or be eaten’. thus biological process success is basically outlined in terms of skills to survive
08 30 Nov. 2009 Creatures of the Deep Marine invertebrates, they long for 1 billion years of evolutionary history.

are the most creatures in ocean . Beneath permanent Antarctic ice of McMurdo, red sea stars , nemertean worms are filmed

09 7 Dec. 2009 Plants Flora evolved live in hard conditions and wide variety of locations , the eldest ‘creatures’ on planet.
10 14 Dec. 2009 Primates Primates include apes, monkeys Thanks to their intelligence,thanks to learning & invention


life 2009

komodo dragon from: episode 2 Reptiles And Amphibianslife 2009