Netflix nabs the next film from ‘Jason Bourne’ director

Netflix is inflicting waves on this year’s fete circuit with buzzy productions, like Okja and Mudbound. Despite facing resistance from theatre chain homeowners upset with its distribution ways, it appears its presence at awards ceremonies is about to continue. The streaming giant’s latest high-profile win comes courtesy of mythical being Bourne director Paul Greengrass. The as-yet untitled film can mark Greengrass’ come back to the real-life dramas that have outlined his career outside of the Bourne series.

The film is reportedly regarding Norwegian terrorist Anders Vitus Behring Breivik, WHO was found guilty for the murders of seventy seven folks (the majority of WHO were staff of a political youth organization related to with the country’s Labour Party) in 2011. Breivik received the utmost jail sentence of twenty one years in 2012.

Greengrass is writing and directive the motion picture, with plans to begin shooting this fall, in keeping with point in time. As usual, Netflix wasn’t afraid to splash the money, reportedly beating out many bidders for rights to the project.

Matt friend and Greengrass’ come back to the Bourne franchise last year resulted in a very world hit, raking in $415 million worldwide. The director’s alternative films have enclosed Captain Phillips and United ninety three, that bagged Academy Award nods for Best image and Best accomplishment in directive severally.


Source: Deadline

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