Plex adds DVR support worldwide

Plex is media server can be used on multiple devices. You’ll need to install server on computer that’s always on (and holds your media), but required software is free. You can then access your content on set top box like Roku – Fire TV-  HTPC. You’ll just need to install  relevant Plex app on your devices.

new update is promise global DVR support worldwide – you’ll be able to use it from mobile devices anywhere you have connection.

“We’ve put a lot of time into this release -result is really elegant DVR, which takes advantage of all the power and intelligence of Plex”, says Scott Olechowski, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Plex. “Plex rounds out the cord cutting experience with a beautifully organized, easy-to-navigate interface that makes all your content available wherever you go. Now you can view TV in a living room or on your phone, using a streaming stick in  hotel, or even on a plane when you’re offline. The addition of DVR allows our customers to make Plex the heart of their media experience. No other solution comes close”.

Included in update is ability to stream from any device navigation interface that company hopes will be easy use to get channels such as ABC- NBC- CBS- FOX- CW- PBS – CBC- BBC – ITV- Telemundo- Univision – others, and the ability to add more tuners. You’ll need a Plex Pass subscription to use the new DVR. This is priced $4.99 per month – $39.99 for year.

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