Soyuz spacecraft launch fails, astronauts set for emergency landing

Astronauts Nick Hague of NASA and cosmonaut Alexey Ovchinin are reportedly safe after making an emergency landing following the failure of Soyuz spacecraft booster. After what looked like a routine launch, the crew were on their way to the international space station (ISS) when the booster, one of four around a central rocket, malfunctioned. NASA reported that the crew was making a “ballistic descent,” at a rapid speed and with higher-than-normal g-forces.

Shortly after the news of the descent, the capsule was sited under parachute in Kazhakstan, according to Gerry Doyle from Reuters. It touched down soon after, and the crew has made contact with ground rescue teams. “I just rode a malfunctioning booster for a few minutes and had to abort,” said one of the astronauts. NASA has confirmed that Hague and Ovchinin are in contact with rescue crews, and that they’re in good condition, though no doubt a little shook up.

Update 10/11/2018 5:25 AM ET: The article was updated to include details of the landing and condition of the crew.

Source: NASA

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