top seedbox 2016

 FeralHosting :Fair Prices with unlimited bandwidth
10 E /month with 10 Gbit/s using unlimited bandwidth with a nice Storage size

  • Easy to use :Run a selection of software installable within minutes at the touch of a button. We’ll keep an eye on the server and keep it in tiptop shape. All you need is a browser.
  • Full control :There’s a lot of flexibility available—you’re free to run your own software and you can modify our own installations. Only if you want to though.
  • Support : A wide range of Wiki style question and answers containing guides and how-tos to details on configuring custom set-ups.
  • Performance :Our aim is to deliver the best performance possible at all levels.


Performance 8/10
Support 6/10
Storage 9/10
bandwidth 10/10
Price 9/10
 seedboxco: not a good choice even for money nor the speed as Feralhosting but its adding some good features like plex media server for media show letting you us a media server providing mobile or desktop  FireShot Screen Capture #033 - 'The Seedbox Co_ Seedboxes - Gigabit Seedboxes I Seedbox hosting I Trial Seedboxes I _' - www_seedboxco_net_seedboxes_p


  • Perfectly Tailored:Our seedboxes are carefully tailored and configured to cover all your needs
  • Money-Back Guarantee:During the first week of your service
  • Plenty of Bandwidth:Everyone hates boundaries! So do we! We have a big range of plans
  • HTTP Proxy:A standard http proxy is provided in addition to our complimentary vpn access
  • Awesome VPN:Surf the web anonymously using our complimentary VPN Service
  • Installable Apps:You can install additional pre-selected open source applications to your account
  • Client Control Panel:Monitor and configure every aspect of your service
  • Awesome Support :Every box comes with monsterous support
  • Instant Setup :What are you waiting for? You can have your own account within seconds


Performance 9/10
Support 7/10
Storage 8/10
bandwidth 8/10
Price 7/10



Performance 5/10
Support 6/10
Storage 7/10
bandwidth 8/10
Price 9/10

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