Windows 10 Anniversary Update reinstalls apps you previously removed

Windows 10 has history of interfering with user choice when it comes to software.

operating system was found to be uninstalling some user programs without permission. shortly after November Update arrived – problem that persisted for some time.

Now it seems as if Anniversary Update is doing reverse- bringing back bundled apps that users have previously uninstalled.

Is it a mistake on Microsoft’s behalf or is the company running roughshod over user choice


As noted by Ghacks, users have found that bundled apps they’ve taken the time to remove have mysteriously returned following the big update.

Sure it’s easy enough to remove unwanted apps.

right click one in Start menu and select Uninstall — but you really shouldn’t ever have to do this more than once

Windows 10 comes with plenty of apps that users aren’t likely to ever run like 3D Builder


If Microsoft creates new apps – makes big changes to existing ones – then we expect those to be installed with other changes.

if you’ve already said no to an app, then it shouldn’t be reinstalled without permission, regardless of whether it’s been improved or not.

Let users decide for themselves – which apps they want –  if they change their minds


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